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The Do-It-Yourself Athletic Scholarship

By Matthew Futterman


The Wall Street Journal, 18 December 2008


In September, Kirsten Bladek a senior in high school and a volleyball player spent $39.99 to post her athletic resume and pictures of her playing on the Web site http://www.berecruited.com/. The shots, combined with videos posted later, highlighted her ability to set the ball from in front of her forehead, with arms thrust out like Superman in flight. That display, combined with some telephone campaigning by Kirsten and her mother, got college coaches to start paying attention.


Science and Technology on US campuses: Can iStanford take on Facebook Mobile?

By Josh Quittner


It's like a Jeopardy category: Guys Who Created Fortune 500 Tech Companies While at Stanford University. Could Kayvon Beykpour and Aaron Wasserman be the next power dudes to join that group?

Private Colleges Worry About a Dip in Enrollment, By TAMAR LEWIN

NYT - Dec 22, 2008 - First came the good news for St. Olaf College: early-decision applications were way up this year. Now comes the bad news: the number of regular applications is way down, about 30 percent fewer than at this time last year. "To be quite honest, I don't know how we'll end up," said Derek Gueldenzoph, dean of admissions at the college, in Northfield, Minn. "By this time last year, we had three-quarters of all our applications. The deadline's Jan. 15. If what we've got now is three-quarters of what we're going to get, we're in big trouble. But if this turns out to be only half, we'll be fine."

The Do-It-Yourself Athletic Scholarship By Matthew Futterman

The Wall Street Journal (Copyright (c) 2008, Dow Jones & Company, Inc.)

Kirsten Bladek had a problem.

Three weeks into her senior season on the Monarch High School volleyball team in Colorado, the 5-feet, 10-inch setter found herself warming the bench. Her dream of an athletic scholarship seemed dead -- especially since her family couldn't afford the $1,000 or so that many parents pay these days to hire a private athletic-recruiting counselor.


New Publication from the Academic Cooperation Association: Future of European Higher Education

Beyond 2010. Priorities and Challenges for Higher Education in the Next Decade Academic Cooperation Association (ACA)


Learninh English the Web Way!!! 

By The Editorial Board

Almost every aspect of immigration in the United States these days is controversial. Here is one that should not be.

It’s USA Learns, a free Web site from the Department of Education that helps people learn to speak and write English.

Technology session: Financial Aid on Internet for International Students. Report made by Sergiy Papuk, Dnipropetrovsk EIC (Ukraine), during 7th OSEAS-Europe Regional Conference for Overseas Advisers in Europe and the New Independent States "Technology as the Virtual Adviser: Challenging the Nature of Advising", July 18-23, 2001, Nicosia, Cyprus 

New funding opportunities for international students applying to MBA programs abroad

By Sergiy Papuk (EIC "Osvita", Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine)

It is not the secret that one of the most popular graduate majors among international students applying to American universities is MBA (Master of Business Administration). According to statistics listed in summer NIS newsletter (Vol. I: no. 3) from all visitors coming to NIS advising centers 22 percent express their interest in that field of study. People whose chosen profession requires further study, those who want to change their careers and improve chances of finding competitive jobs, those who want to enhance marketability and salary or committed to further study in current discipline or a new discipline - typically think about pursuing an MBA degree.


Applying for a Student VISA (useful tips to keep in mind regarding applying for a visa)

The most important thing to keep in mind is that when a student is applying for a visa, he/she must prove to the consular officer that he/she is NOT going to stay in the US after graduating. In other words, the consular officer views the student as a potential immigrant and it is up to the student to prove that this is not the case. 

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