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02.06.2009 | Canada-Ukraine Parliamentary Program

Canada-Ukraine Parliamentary Program welcomes applications for 3-month intesnship in Canadian Parliament (Ottawa, Canada).  

The aims of CUPP are to open up to students from Ukraine the opportunity to work with a Member of Parliament and his or her staff, attend sessions of question period, attend meetings of parliamentary committees, participate in media scrums, perform administrative functions, undertake research assignments, research government and party policies, attend meetings and conferences of educational organizations, become acquainted with and use the research facilities of the House of Commons and its library, and carry out general office duties. As well, to provide an opportunity to visit cultural and historic sights in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and surrounding areas.

CUPP would also immerse the students in Canadian culture where English and French is spoken, and allow the students to use these languages on a daily basis. The students would be able to develop and practice certain diplomatic skills as representatives of their university, society and country. Coming to study and live in Canada would broaden the horizons of students and give many, if not most of them, their first opportunity of living in a western society.


Each student would be assigned to work in the offices of a Member of Parliament from either the Liberal, Bloc Quebecois, Reform, New Democratic or Conservative Party. Your Primary Goal is to learn about the Canadian parliamentary system of government, Canadians and Canada.


Application deadline is October 1st 2009.


For eligibility requirements and application details please visit http://www.katedra.org/

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