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OSVITA » » 30.12.2009 | CEU CALL FOR APPLICATIONS 2010/2011

30.12.2009 | CEU CALL FOR APPLICATIONS 2010/2011

CEU Online Application Form is in operation now, and all the applicants can start the application process.


Central European University (CEU) is a graduate, English-language, research-intensive university located in Budapest, Hungary. While concentrating on the social sciences and humanities, CEU also offers graduate programs in Business, Economics, Law, Environmental Sciences and Mathematics. With students coming from 100 countries, CEU is proud of its international community with no predominant national majority. The university offers small, seminar-style courses with a student/ faculty ratio 7:1, and individual consultations with professors.

CEU Degrees

CEU offers a variety of Master's (MA, MS) and Doctoral (PhD, SJD) degree programs in English:

http://www.ceu.hu/academics/degrees; http://www.ceu.hu/academics/departments


For programs for faculty and professionals, see:



Financial Aid and Tuition

More than 80% of our students receive financial aid and scholarships. Students on Master's programs are eligible to apply for an extensive range of financial packages. The CEU Doctoral Fellowship supports doctoral studies for up to 3 years (covering tuition and medical insurance, and providing a monthly stipend of approx. 700 Euro). CEU students can apply for travel and research grants. For information about CEU financial aid, see: http://www.ceu.hu/admissions/financialaid


Career Paths

CEU provides students with qualifications and competences for international careers in international organizations, governments, NGOs, global businesses, other public and private sectors institutions as well as many possibilities for further academic development. Ninety percent of CEU graduates are employed within two month after graduation. CEU alumni can be found in senior positions of the UN, Ministries of Foreign Affairs and National Embassies, the World Bank, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Bank of England, or in academic and research positions at Oxford, Harvard, the European University Institute Florence and other highly reputable institutions. For Alumni and Career services, see:http://www.ceu.hu/alumnicareer


Application Deadlines

January 8, 2010: Erasmus Mundus programs

January 25, 2010: For applicants who wish/are required to take the CEU-administered admissions examinations and/or are requesting exemption from the English language proficiency requirement.

March 16, 2010: For applicants submitting applications complete with language scores and other applicable test scores.

April 16, 2010: For applicants to the doctoral programs of the Departments of Political Science, International Relations and European Studies, and Public Policy, submitting applications complete with language scores and other applicable test scores.

Early Applications: CEU will accept early applications from candidates interested in receiving an early admissions decision in order to apply for financial aid from a third party. Such applications may be submitted no later than November 16, 2009.



Applying to CEU

To apply, please read the linked instructions and fill out the online application form: http://www.ceu.hu/admissions/apply.


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